Monday, August 13, 2012

Our "Not" School Room

This morning I am joining in on the Not Back To School Blog Hop, and this week we get to show off our school rooms!

We aren't quite NOT back to school yet. ;)  We ran a little longer this summer because I was prepping my  third grade son for his state testing.  The first week of September we will be starting up again!

So while we are getting a much needed break, I am taking advantage of the time to organize!  And so what better time to share our "school room" with you all, than when it is organized! ;)

Welcome to our living room/ school area!  We just bought the desks and big bookshelf from Ikea and I am in love.  My intention was to have a designated desk drawer for each child (three total) which would leave one for me.  So far it has only worked out that we are storing crayons and paper supplies in one and then
all my office supplies in another.  As I get more organized, I will utilize the space better!
This is our library bookshelf.  I try to keep all the books corralled here so that we don't rack up library fines for overdue items...it isn't working very well.  This is the first thing you see when you walk into my house.  I also do daycare (yes, I am all kinds of crazy to do homeschooling AND daycare) so the fabric boxes house different daycare items.

Here is a different angle shot of the desks.  They look out over our front window.  I want to get different curtains to make it a brighter, cheerier spot.  And please excuse the disaster under the far corner of the desk.  That it is my "I'm still organizing" spot.  I want to put up L-bracket shelving on the wall to help out with all that! 

And here is the most treasured learning spot of all...our couch.  We read here, do math here, watch science shows on TV from here, and ask lots of questions from here.  The couches (we have two in our living room) are where the majority of learning time happens!

Thanks for touring our "school room"!

{I apologize for not sharing the button, but for some reason the image wouldn't load on this post!  You can tour more awesome rooms at the Not Back To School Blog Hop}


After hopping all over at the {Not} Back to School Blog Hop, I was so inspired that I rearranged our "school" room again!

The desk that is parallel to the wall is the kids' and mine sits perpendicular to theirs.  It creates a really nice flow to the whole set up!

{Sorry for the dreadful lighting!}

And here is my little corner of the world! :)

Rearranging furniture makes me happy {smile} and the kids love the new look too!

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