Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Supercharged Science

Last week I found a link to an online science class in my email in-box.  Since I love all things science, I read a little further.  A complete science curriculum designed for homeschoolers?

I was intrigued.

Even more intriguing, it was to be taught by a REAL rocket scientist! (So this lady really knows her science stuff!)

So the kids and I gathered around the laptop and quickly found ourselves engrossed in the world of Supercharged Science.

Teacher extraordinaire, Aurora Lipper, has a contagious love of science that spills out of the computer screen into your own homeschool room.  She has a wonderful, fun, understandable way of introducing your children to the amazing world of science.  And she breaks down the more complex science terms into bite-sized pieces for your kids (and sometimes you!). 

Aurora has fun experiments to go along with each lesson.  And guess what?  No expensive science equipment is necessary!  She uses everyday items and turns them into great hands-on experiments.  My kids were begging me to buy a highlighter so they could make a glow in the dark bouncing ball!

Our first class we learned about different states of matter, the chemical makeup of water, atoms, molecules and the periodic chart of the elements!  Even my four year old was glued to the screen! ;)

{It's like having your favorite science teacher in your living room!}

We are a science-loving family and Supercharged Science gets us all fired up! ;)

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